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Kundli, janamkundali, kundali, janmakundali

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Free Vedic Birth Chart
Know your Ascendant, Nakshatra, Rashi and the Sign position in the chart
Insert your Birth details, TimeZone, Longitude, Latitude
Generate your free birth chart instantly online
Fill birth details
Birth Date
Birth Time
Time Zone (For e.g. India's Time Zone is 5-30)
DST (For e.g. India has No DST)
Longitude (For e.g. 088-23-East)
Latitude (For e.g. 022-35-North)
If you don't know the longitude and latitude of your birth place,
click on the link given here and note down -
For places in INDIA - BharatMap.in
For other places - click here

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Kundli, JanamKundli, Kundali, JanmaKundli
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